LPG AutoGas


As Fuel prizes keep rising more and more in Greece and especially in the island of Kefalonia, converting your car or professional vehicle to use LPG instead of fuel seems like a good financial solution.

Electro Team Marketos is authorized partner of Elpigaz & Lovato

Advantages of converting your car to LPGas

  • You can cut your movement expenses by half by converting your vehicle’s engine to use LPGas instead of conventional fuels
  • By using LPG you will have less damages and maintenance costs because LPG burn is “cleaner” and doesn’t cumber the engine in comparison to conventional fuel.
    Vehicles using LPG need less service and they don’t accumulate carbon debris on the cylinders and sparks.
    LPG doesn’t mix with engine oil like fuel does and for this reason the oil itself and its filters last longer.
  • LPG is often called green fuel because it is friendly for the environment .
    Pollutant emissions are decreased with LPG in contrary to conventional fuel:
    1. Carbon emissions are decreased at least by 14%
    2. Nitric Oxide Emission is decreased by 68% and hydrocarbon emission by 40%
    3. Practically zero suspended particles in the air when moving in the city
    4. LPG doesn’t contain benzene nor lead, two of the most harmful substances in conventional fuels

Frequently asked questions on LPGas

  • How Safe is to use LPG?
    - LPGas is exceptionally safe:
    It has been used for many years in various application in Liquid Gas Bottles and in regular lighters.
    It is much safer than petrol (according to the Danish Research Institute’s “TNO” official finding).
    The tanks and the devices that are installed in every vehicle are tested in high pressures, they are certified and they have multiple safety valves.
    LPG flow is stopped in case of malfunction in any crucial component in the system or in case the engine isn’t working.
    If the vehicle is set on fire the pressure of the gas tank is controlled by expansion valves to avoid its destruction.
    In case of a leak the gas is diffused in the air and not in the interior of the vehicle
  • What changes in my car after the conversion?
    -With the installation of LPG, you now have a vehicle which moves with gas AND conventional fuel.
    We install a second fuel system in your car which uses a second reservoir
    The reservoir is usually placed in the position of the spare wheel or in the bootlid or even below the car
    LPG Gas is in its liquid form when entering the tank and is converted to gas just before it enters the engine
  • Can I still use petrol after the conversion?
    Yes, Your car will be able to move with LPG gas AND conventional fuels. The transition from one source to the other is done by a switch on the dashboard and can be done even while on the move
  • In Which car marketos team installs LPG Systems
    90% of vehicles using conventional fuels can be easily converted to additionally use lpg gas. The system that is going to be chosen is selected according to the model, the age of the car.
    For Vehicles utilizing high pressures(FSI,TFSI κτλ) we recommend LPG GAS systems by elpigaz company
  • Will my car's performance or behavior get affected by the conversion?
    - No, By using modern systems of multiple injections the horsepower difference is about 1-3%. The proper installation guarantees that the behavior of your vehicle will also remain the same
  • Do you give any warranty;
    - With the installation of an LPG Sustem we give you a two year warranty. Warranty for mechanical parts can be expanded by special warranty programs
  • Where can i find LPG Gas stations in Kefalonia?
    - At the moment you can find Kolaitis fuel station at Valeriano Kefalonia
  • For How long will the prices of LPG will remain low?
    - According to the European instruction LPG taxing will remain propitious Until 2018. More specifically the target in europe is that by the year 2020, 10% of european cars will be moving using LPG Gas which is expected to keep the prices low because that's the main advantage that it's been preffered by most drivers in contrary with petrol's high price
  • What happens if i run out of gas while moving?
    - You will hear a characteristic sound and your system will automatically return to fuel consuming and you don't have to interrupt your driving
  • What kind of maintenance does an LPG System needs?
    - Electro Team Marketos suggest to visit us in Argostoli once a year to check the proper function of your LPG system



Watch the video from Lovato :

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